Made from 100% Creative passion & Love for the body

About Us

Cicada Skincare was born during a time of exciting new beginnings, unexpected love, passionate pursuits, seeking personal truth, and finding strength after feeling defeated. Through faith , tough lessons on healing and forgiveness Cicada was Born .

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Fall in love- with yourself

We love- love. All kinds, and we want you to love yourself, and every inch of your body more. Made with love, to be loved by you or on you with your favorite person


“ I got to play and get creative, using my experience in the beauty industry, my new clientele from Curls and Confidence. I made what I knew was needed. Luxury skincare, that smelt great, felt great, and did the job it was suppose to do. ”

I'm Christina, the Founder of Cicada Skincare & Curls and Confidence. Thank you for coming and reading more about my work. Both businesses started out with a  simple question, "What if I could?" followed by "How will you ever know if you don't try?".

Forever grateful for the Clients, Friends, and mentors. You make this all worth it. To new Clients, new friends, new businesses, I welcome you and Thank you for being on this journey, we have lots to create.


We want you to find what makes you glow, and keep glowing


Nature Ingredient

We use a mix of all natural and organic products. We don't believe you should eat your skincare. We do believe what you apply on your skin should be clean, easily recognizable, offer long-term skin benefits and makes a difference you can feel.


100% Handmade

We started small, and hope to continue to provide products in small batches. Things like our Pumpkin butter and Get gritty clay cleanser can get a little messy. It ensures you get a quality product, with small quirky details- like a mini pumpkin lotion bar.


Good for You

We want you to not only feel good using the product, but see the results and enjoy the experience of it. We use active ingredients like Activated charcoal, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shiitake Mushroom extract and White willow bark. They may not smell all that good, but they work. We ensure the final product is something you can feel good about in your daily regime.


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