Our Story

A Bugs Life

Why Cicada?

A cicada bug represents rebirth, beauty, patience, growth and ultimately transformation. It is believed a Cicada is a Spiritual Omen. To witness a Cicada bug emerging from its cocoon is a sign you will be embarking on your own journey. These little guys spend 17 years underground and alone, sucking on tree sap. Until late summer, they emerge. Seeking the warmth of the Sun, ready to go higher than ever before. To be part of the circle of life with a new pair of holographic wings, and a mindset to find their mate to procreate. They live for 2-4 weeks after shedding their old selves, and leave their legacy for the future Cicada Generation to continue.

We invite you to lit a candle, curl up to a book, play your favorite soul artist, a little jazz, something to stir up all the feels or some powerful, sexy, P*ssy power babe that ups your confident game (Lizzo, RIh Rih, Miss Queen B). Indulge in fragrances, smooth oils. Helping you glow from the inside out. You cannot be great, if you are feeling less than okay. It's okay, to not be okay, Take a break and a deep breath. Get a hug from your favorite someone, watch movies, and laugh until your belly aches. Be calm, and give yourself love like never before. Be as selfish and you need, to be the BEST person you can possibly be, to share your talents and gifts with the world. You are ready to Glow!

About Us

Cicada Skincare was born during a time of exciting new beginnings, unexpected love, passionate pursuits, seeking personal truth, and finding strength after feeling defeated. Through faith , tough lessons on healing and forgiveness Cicada was Born .

Cicada Skincare started when a friend gave me empty lip balm tubes and said " You can make a balm an add it to your subscription boxes! You know what to do right?". I didn't, but before Curls and Confidence I played with oils and butters and was confident I could whip something up. I ended up making my first highlighter stick all while in my bed using what was on my night stand.

Cicada become more, during a rough time. As I was literally and figuratively rebuilding my home and my identity. I was in a time when my house had flooded, my parents were filing for divorce, and prior to the flood I had set upon the task to find my biological parents and understand the truth to my adoption. Not expecting the chaos of the renovation, the hault on my business, and change in family dynamics. To keep myself busy, I dove head first into my new hobby. Which surprisingly became a new business, I started as a creative outlet to serve my skin and bath time needs. I got to play and get creative, using my experience in the beauty industry, my new clientele from Curls and Confidence I made what I knew was needed. Luxury skincare, that smelt great, felt great, and did the job it was suppose to do. It was more of an experience than just another product. Bringing Clients into my world of play, letting them make their own butter, order custom soaps, create their own. Making things simple, fun, and 100% your own. Keeping healing at the forefront of it all.

A Message from Christina

I'm Christina, the Founder of Cicada Skincare & Curls and Confidence. Thank you for coming and reading more about my work. Both business started out with a few simple question, "What if I could?" followed by "How will you ever know if you don't try?".

Forever grateful for the Clients, Friends, and mentors. You make this all worth it. To new Clients, new friends, new businesses, I welcome you and Thank you for being on this journey, we have lots to create.